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Study Material  

Looking into the benefit of the student, the college provides complete study material for all subjects. The books designed in the study material is a synchronized collection of concepts and knowledge, which aim to make your learning of computers meaningful. The study material also contains exercise and questions at the end of each module to help you get the technical details of the subject & improve your answering for appearing in the University exams.  


Hardware Course

The college prepares you fro facing the IT world by giving you hardware training related to computers assembling of PC, setting up networking, Internet etc.


Personality Development

JCIT has come out of the way for providing the right guidance and training for enhancing your personality, preparing you for the presentations and handling interviews, through group discussions and seminars and spoken English courses.


Computer Labs

The main secret behind the success of various computer courses run by this college lies in the huge mandatory hands on practical training computer performance by every individual students in ample time. Every student is required to work in the computer lab for at least 10 hrs per week. The college has presently about 45 computers most of them meeting the current computer specification of higher rating along with multimedia, Internet, Graphics and networking facilities. Computers centres work for about 12 hrs a day which are increased on request of the students from time to time depending upon their interest and abilities to use the facilities in a best possible way.


Library and Documentation

Unit It has more than 2000 books on different subjects.All national and local newspapers in Hindi and English are subscribed in the library. The library also subscribes to important news magazines, and professional journals of repute. Newspapers clippings and files on various subjects are special features on the documentation unit. Students can make the use of these files and clippings in the library. Film and video shows , discussions, book review sessions are arranged by the library regularly. The library also invites experts to speak on current subjects.


Teaching through Audio-Visual Media

The college has it's own Audio-Visual unit for presentation. Through this media students get exposure to latest developments in the IT industry through OHP & LCD Projectors.  Hostel for Students The college has arrangements to provide hostel facilities to students. However students should be prepared to make their own accommodation arrangements.


Extra Curricular Activities

The college organizes cultural and literary activities throughout the year. The students can participate in debates, seminars and discussions organized by different faculties and societies. Limited facilities of games and sports are available in the college. The student participate in the Inter- University competitions. The students are sponsored to participate in national level cultural events. The college provides the atmosphere of an extended family to promote the academic excellence.



Last but not the least is the DISCIPLINE in the college, which is maintained strictly and any type of indisciplinary action by a student can result in his/her restriction. Timely report of student's progress is also communicated to the parents.  


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